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Braided Filigree .950 Silver Handmade Ring Size 7

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    European Silversmiths who accompanying viceroys on their trips during the Spanish Colonial era brought the filigree technique to Mompox and Santa Fe de Antioquia, in the current country of Colombia. The technique was learned by the local artisans and goldsmiths in these indigenous regions. Since then, their knowledge has been transferred from generation to generation and kept carefully faithful to the original technique.
    Ring has been elaborated by an artisan specialized in the Spanish Colonial filigree technique. It is made of intertwined handmade tiny gimped threads of silver.


    Approx. Length: 0.4 in
    Approx. Width: 0.4 in
    Approx. Weight: 0.11 oz
    Metal Type: Sterling Silver
    Metal Stamp: .950 Silver

    Historical Period

    Culture: Spanish Colonial
    Chronology: 1492 - 1832
    Region: Mexico, most of Central America, Caribbean Islands, most of South America