An ancient mystery literally out of this world

What exactly are the Golden Jets?

Among the many treasured gold artifacts of the Quimbaya Civilization (located in modern-day Colombia), none have been the subject of more intrigue or fascination quite like the Golden Jets. What do these miniature, airplane-like figurines represent? Did ancient peoples see the future? Or perhaps an extraterrestrial encounter from another dimension? What did the ancients know about life on other planets that we don’t?

Our collection of unique jewelry pieces draw inspiration from the original goldwork from various pre-Columbian cultures between 300 and 1600 A.D.

Golden Jets is a celebration of the curiosities of history, spirituality, and nature—a unique legacy stemming from an equally vibrant culture. We hope you enjoy wearing and displaying these stunning flying pieces with pride.


Can these ancient alien airplanes be obtained in solid gold ?

Yes, they are available in 18k Solid Gold.

What Ancient Aliens episode was the the Golden Jet in?

The Ancient Aliens tv show first references the pre-Columbian artifacts in Season 1 Episode 1 The Evidence. In pretty much every episode, you can see at least a couple of the "regulars" wearing this on their lapels. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos the host always wears his.

Where is this made?

This product is made in Colombia, where the original ornament was found. The cast was elaborated using the same technique used by the ancient goldsmiths preserving the historical context. Products are then handcrafted by artisans specializing in Pre-Columbian jewelry.