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Quimbaya Flyer #9 24k GP 1.2" Pendant Necklace


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Dazzle everyone with the 24k Gold Plated Quimbaya Flyer #9 Neckace! A museum-quality reproduction from the ancient pre-Columbian Quimbaya civilizations. Across The Puddle's Golden Jets Jewelry Collection consists of eight flyers. Flyer #9 is a reproduction of the model that German aviation experts used to test the theory of Ancient Astronauts. Jewelry is handcrafted in Colombia, and our cast was handmade using the lost wax technique.


Approx. Length: 1.25 in
Approx. Width: 1 in
Approx. Weight: 0.24 oz
Metal Type: Gold Plated
Metal Stamp: 24k

Historical Period

Culture: Quimbaya
Chronology: 980 A.D. - 1500 A.D.
Region: Mid Cauca, Colombia

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Ancient Aliens Jewelry Collection - 24k Gold Plated Aircraft-9 Pendant by ACROSS THE PUDDLE
Quimbaya Flyer
Quimbaya Flyer
Quimbaya Flyer